Patient First Clinics Choose PAC Snap-Clad for Roofs

Patients First Clinic - Stafford, VA

Petersen Aluminum’s Snap Clad panel has been specified for the Patient First health care clinics located throughout the Virginia and Maryland area. Two buildings featuring the durable standing seam panel have recently been completed, one is in process, and a half dozen more are planned. The total number of Patient First clinics to be opened is now at 31, with the most recent being the Garrisonville facility in Stafford, VA. The facility features 10,000 SF of the 16” Snap Clad panel in .032 aluminum, Patina Green Finish. With an SRI of 35, the attention-getting Patina Green is a cool color that meets Energy Star and LEED requirements. The roofing installation was completed in November, 2010 by Wisely Roofing of Fredericksburg, VA, and sold through PAC distributor Bradco Supply, now a part of A B C Supply. Architect for the Patient First projects is Baskerville Architects, Richmond, VA, with Wayne Alexander as the lead architect.

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