PAC Introduces New Horizontal Wall Panel

Petersen Aluminum is introducing two profiles of a new horizontal wall panel – concealed fastener and concealed clip – designed to provide superior wind-uplift resistance and outstanding aesthetics for wall and siding applications.


Available in 12” and 16” widths, the horizontal wall panel features a hook-and-grab leg to provide superior strength. The elimination of exposed fasteners and the box-type appearance provides a clean, attractive design.


Bristol Engineered Metals of Duluth, GA installed 1500 SF of the horizontal wall panel with the fasten-through leg in a 16” width in 24 GA PAC-CLAD Sandstone. Piedmont North Student Housing Dining Hall Addition is part of the Georgia State University campus in Atlanta, GA, and was designed by Architect-of-Record Richard Wittschiebe Hand Architects.


Stay tuned for further details on these new panels, or call your local PAC facility for more information.

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