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New metal roof helps Florida car dealership recover after hurricane

Hurricane Michael, a Category 5 storm that hit the Florida Panhandle on October 10, 2018, caused enormous damage to the rural and beach communities of Northwest Florida. As of June 2019, insured losses totaled $6.61 billion. Panama City was one of the communities hardest hit by the storm, with entire neighborhoods leveled. Car dealerships were among the businesses most severely damaged by the 155 mph winds and heavy rains.

Bill Cramer Chevrolet-Buick-GMC was among those dealerships that sustained significant damages. A new roof ranked high among the list of repairs president Bill Cramer knew he had to undertake to bring his business back to speed. Cramer turned to the local firm of Centennial Roofing to get that job done. Now, the substantial dealership is covered with 80,000 sq. ft. of Snap-Clad panels, from Petersen’s PAC-CLAD lineup. The .040-gauge aluminum panels feature a Silver finish that matches the official Chevrolet palette.

The dealership has taken an active role in the recovery of the larger Bay County region, where more than 88,000 insurance claims were filed related to storm damage, in a county with a total population of only 185,000. In late March 2019, as the county-wide school district was still struggling to repair 43 damaged schools, The Cramer family pledged $10,000 to help teachers replace classroom books and supplies. Additionally, the Cramers promised to match up to $50,000 in donations from others to ensure a total of $100,000 of outside funds toward the effort.