Fuji Photo Film U.S.A.

Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. utilized Petersen’s flush metal roofing panel soffits and an extensive custom fascia system to provide highlights on its new facility in Hanover Park, IL.

The project was designed to create a contemporary, modern look that would reflect the high-tech position of Fuji within the marketplace and yet make the environment appealing and inviting as a corporate workplace.

Approximately 6,400 square feet of Petersen’s .063 clear anodized aluminum was used for the fascia system and 5,000 square feet of .032 clear anodized aluminum for the soffits.

In order to achieve the design effect, Sullivan Roofing Inc., Mount Prospect, IL, installed two layers of substrate in order to create the reveals that were desired. “The reveals were extremely tight,” said Tim Sullivan. “The radius soffits on the rotunda were a particular challenge, especially when you consider we were installing in the dead of winter with a minus 30 degree wind chill. The two-piece fascia system was totally custom fabricated in our shop. The flush panels were fabricated by Petersen. Everything turned out great and we achieved an outstanding look that everyone is quite proud of.”

Two architectural firms were involved in the project: Formations Architects & Planners, Itasca, IL and Sparks Architects Inc., Elmhurst, IL.

The general contractor was Kajima Construction Services, Inc., Palatine, IL.

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