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Cost-saving idea doubles as sustainability solution

Lumber in 2020 and 2021 has been difficult to find and costly to secure, which presents challenges for Petersen’s production facilities which use wooden skids for every shipped order of flat metal sheets. Mark Goyke, the operations manager at Petersen’s Elk Grove Village, Ill., PAC-CLAD production facility, turned a plan to secure skids while saving money into a tremendous way to reuse lumber and become a more sustainable facility. Goyke set up a process to recover skids from customers by establishing a truck circuit for one of the facility’s drivers. The results in one year are as follows:

  • Recovered 1,438 skids (4’ x 10’ and 4’ x12’) that would have ultimately found their way to a landfill
  • Saved the Illinois plant nearly $70,000 in real costs by recovering and reusing skids
  • Spawned similar activity in other Carlisle sites generating an additional $46,500 in savings and preventing close to 2,000 additional skids from entering landfills