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Difficult roof repair worth the effort to survive Irma unscathed

The roof repair of The Reach, a Waldorf Astoria Resort in Key West, Fla., began after suffering the effects of several major storms and the roof was seriously in need of replacement. More than 39,000 sq. ft. of Petersen’s Snap-Clad .040-in. aluminum panels came to the rescue in a major re-roof effort.

The lavish, Caribbean-style resort is set in a five-story, peach-colored building with white gingerbread trim. The 16-in. PAC-CLAD panels, finished in Petersen’s Cool Color Cityscape, provided a complementary aesthetic to the color scheme.

Tearing off the old roof may have been the most challenging part of the job, said Sal Delfino, Petersen’s Florida Technical Manager. “In an apparent attempt to repair the old metal roof, someone had literally screwed down the damaged panels. That made the tear-off tough,” Delfino said.

Installer Mick Cronje, project manager with Bob Hilson & Co. in Homestead, Fla., agrees that the tear-off was a challenge but for an additional reason. “The resort remained open during the demo and the installation. Keeping the guests and the crew safe while working on this intricate, five-story building was a top priority,” Hilson said.

“The resort is right on the ocean so aluminum was the obvious choice for that environment,” Cronje said. “We did use the heavier .040 aluminum along with stainless steel clips and fasteners in order to get the highest performance out of the roof. Snap-Clad is just a great system. It’s durable and easy to install and meets the necessary wind uplift criteria.”

Bob Hilson & Co. is a member of PAC Contractors Association and roll-formed the panels on-site. “We bought PAC-CLAD coil for the panels and flat stock for the trim that we fabricated in our shop. We use Petersen almost exclusively,” Cronje said.

Cronje was asked to inspect the Snap-Clad roof of The Reach after Hurricane Irma hit the Florida Keys in September 2017. “There was no damage to the roof. We didn’t lose anything,” he said.