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Metal panels signal church building’s purpose; no words required

When the growing Church at War Hill organization based in Dawsonville, Ga., embarked on an addition and renovations at one of its four churches, it also opted for PAC-CLAD panels to both protect the building’s exterior and provide a bit of branding. The design incorporates varying panel colors and orientations to call out the building’s function in a simple, yet dramatic, fashion.

Richard Landau Architects and Planners of Blairsville, Ga., matched a total of 3,700 sq. ft. of PAC-CLAD’s 24-gauge Precision Series Highline M1 wall panels in contrasting Black and Weathered Steel finishes on the street-facing façade. The Weathered Steel panels are installed horizontally, and the Black panels hang vertically. A cross-shaped void has been created to separate the panels, with the building’s white Stucco-appearing exterior showing through as a clear indicator of its religious affiliation.

The remainder of the building is clad in horizontally running Precision Series HWP panels, including 2,700 sq. ft. in the Charcoal finish and 1,200 sq. ft. in Cityscape.

Metal on the project was installed by The Edge Roofing based in Gainesville, Ga. The Petersen distributor was Commercial Roofing Specialties of College Park, Ga.