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Modern farmhouse facelift topped by eye-catching metal panels

The modern farmhouse look has ruled American home design for almost a decade, and doesn’t show signs of letting up. And, unlike other approaches – like modern/contemporary or strictly traditional – it seems to be popular nationwide, though how it’s applied might differ by region. It’s not just for new construction as this house in the Indianapolis suburb of Carmel, Ind., illustrates, homeowners also are adopting elements from the modern farmhouse playbook into renovation plans, as well.

The appeal of this super-popular design trend is easy to understand – it’s an approach that can fall between the extremes of contemporary and traditional, with flexibility that allows homeowners and designers to build in elements of both to create an exterior that truly fits their tastes. This can mean adding old-school board-and-batten cladding and splashes of Italianate trim or paring back to emphasize clean lines and simplicity – or even mixing and matching exterior materials to create the appearance of a home that has evolved over decades, even if it’s new construction or newly remodeled.

The latter is the approach chosen for this recently completed Midwestern facelift project. Simple casement windows are upgraded with mullioned divided panes, and timber porch supports and under-eave bracing add a prominent rural feel. And, as a nod to the real farmhouses that likely stood in the area a century or so ago, designers with the Indianapolis-based renovation contractors BKJ Construction opted for standing-seam metal roof panels from Petersen. Metal roofing has long been valued for its low-maintenance longevity – a fact appreciated just as much by today’s homeowners as it was in the past.

The PAC-CLAD Redi-Roof panels from Petersen that BKJ Construction specified feature an offset profile for added strength, with a one-piece design that makes installation easier. In addition to topping the home, they also provide added visual pop as cladding for several window canopies, as well. Both roof and canopy panels feature Petersen’s Black finish – a classic modern farmhouse choice – that coordinates well with the home’s window trim.

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