With standing seam metal roofing, the sky is the limit for opportunities to be green.

For almost 50 years, Petersen Aluminum has offered superior metal roofing systems that are environmentally friendly. Now, through partnering with our vendors, we have kicked our green movement into high gear to provide products that are an integral component in a sustainable, energy efficient building.

The very nature of our products –  steel and aluminum – shout “SUSTAINABILITY”. While the aesthetic beauty of our standing seam panels is obvious, it is the long-term life-cycle of our PAC-CLAD panels that is truly impressive. This equates to fewer roof replacements over the life of the structure, and less construction waste into the landfill. Both steel and aluminum are 100% recyclable, and also feature high recycle contents. Our mills continue to make commitments to produce these products in increasingly environmentally efficient manners and also research new products that decrease negative impact on the environment.

PAC offers a full line of Cool Colors that improve the energy savings performance of our roofing products without compromising color selection. Thirty-one of our colors are certified ENERGY STAR colors, which may allow homeowners to qualify for the tax incentives for products placed in service in 2011 (see our ENERGY STAR color chart). For architects, 21 of our colors meet the requirements set forth in LEED 2009 to achieve points in several LEED categories, including Heat Island effect.

PAC standing seam metal panel systems also offer superior opportunities to integrate solar power. Renewable energy has increasingly gained attention as not just a novelty, but a viable building component. The roof is an ideal location for one of many types of power generating systems.

Petersen Aluminum is committed to continuing product development, so that our customers can achieve energy efficiency and sustainability demands of the future.