EPA and DOE Memorandum of Understanding

EPA and DOE officials clarified terms of the new MOU between the two organizations during a November 6 conference call with ENERGY STAR Partners.  The new arrangement between the two groups will create single goals, budgets, leadership and programs related to the ENEGY STAR program. There will be one single contact person for questions and concerns.
The EPA will be the lead Agency managing the ENERGY STAR program.   DOE will lead the development of product testing procedures and metrics with EPA assisting. EPA will maintain product testing results data and establish performance levels for ENERGY STAR products.
The DOE will be the lead Agency on the National Building Rating program, with support from EPA..
The ENERGY STAR program will continue to identify top performing cost effective products, homes and buildings. The National Building Rating program will provide efficiency ratings and assessments of cost-effective improvements for homes and buildings.  ENERGY STAR will establish criteria for a top tier ENERGY STAR labeled product called “ENERGY Super Star”.
More information can be found at http://apps1.eere.energy.gov/news/progress_alerts.cfm/pa_id=247