U.S. DOE funding combined heat and power projects

The U.S. Department of Energy announced in September that it would provide $10 million to fund Combined Heat and Power projects for small and mid-sized manufacturing companies. The goal is to support the CHP industry in providing reliable and energy efficient power to customers. CHP is a technology that uses mostly gas-fired power to produce electricity while generating thermal energy. It’s said to be unique that it provides power to the grid during times of need while supporting more efficient power to on-site owners.

Minnesota on path toward 100% renewable energy usagfe

Environment Minnesota’s Research and Policy Center in September issued a press statement outlining how the state can achieve 100% renewable energy usage. Since 2008, Minnesota as increased its solar electricity production by 550%. The report outlines a multifaceted path that includes a focus on renewable energy, as well as energy efficiency, storage and use of electric vehicles.

Utilities steering natural gas users to off-peak usage

Increasingly, utility companies are looking to natural gas power plants as a source of cheap energy to supply electricity to customers, presenting new challenges with peak demand and supply shortages. For the first time, utilities are launching gas demand response programs to help shift usage to off-peak hours, similar to how electric utilities have done in the past.