Updates to ENERGY STAR

As part of the changes being made to the ENERGY STAR programs, the EPA has created new certification requirements that each ENERGY STAR Partner (who has products listed under the Qualified Roof Program) must follow. ENERGY STAR has set a November 30, 2010 deadline for Partners to commit to the ENERGY STAR program and its new verification requirements. The recommitment process requires that partners commit to a) submitting their products for testing in an EPA-recognized laboratory, b) certification by an EPA-recognized Certification Body (CB), and other program requirements. When partners commit to the new specifications, they do not have to indicate which lab or CB they plan to use at this time. Partners will be asked to specify a CB for all of your currently listed ENERGY STAR products after January 1, 2011.

The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) is in the process of applying to become a CB for ENERGY STAR. To commit to the ENERGY STAR program, per the new rules, the primary or secondary ENERGY STAR contact for an existing Partner must log into the My ENERGY STAR Account (MESA) tool by visiting www.energystar.gov/mesa. Instructions on how to recommit will be provided on the MESA Welcome screen. Current Certification Bodies for the ENERGY STAR Roof Products program include IAPMO R&T (Ontario, CA), Intertek (Cortland, NY) and Keystone Certification (Etters, PA)