PAC-TITE Gold Coping

PAC-TITE Gold Coping

  • Elimination of field-crimping for certain products
  • Wide variety of colors and finishes
  • Compliant with most relevant building codes
  • Superior, efficient design for ease of installation
  • Custom fabricated to the specific job requirements to ensure superior fit
  • Extensively tested for reliable, long-term performance
  • Lifetime 215 mph warranty for PAC-Tite Gold and 20-year, 110-mph warranty for PAC-Tite and Continuous Cleat coping systems
  • Convenient 12’ lengths
  • Reusable and recyclable material
  • Custom and radius capabilities available

The PAC-TITE Gold coping system provides premium wind uplift protection in parapet wall covering applications, and is ideal for conditions in which slope must be created. The high-performing system features factory-applied stainless steel springs ensuring a long-term, positive attachment for extra stability for the roof system.  PAC-TITE Gold coping provides specifiers and contractors unmatched strength, beauty, ease of installation and ability to meet rigorous testing requirements in perimeter applications.


The superior engineering of PAC-TITE Gold coping ensures an aesthetically pleasing, high performance installation. The system can meet unique design requirements including radius, arched and elliptical conditions. 


PAC-TITE Gold coping offers unlimited flexibility, accommodating inside face dimensions of 2.75” to 6”, and outside face dimensions of 3” to 12”. PAC-TITE Gold coping can be custom fabricated to meet wider wall widths of over 16”, and has been tested on wall widths up to 32”.


Fabricated from high quality PAC-CLAD steel and aluminum, PAC-TITE Gold can be specified in a wide range of standard/stocked colors to complement any exterior design scheme. The system is backed by a Lifetime, 215 mph Wind warranty.


Offering a wide range of factory-fabricated accessories such as quicklocked or welded miters, Petersen Aluminum provides the complete system to ensure a clean, sure-fitting product while eliminating the need for field fabrication.


  • 37 Stocked PAC-CLAD finishes – 24 GA Steel
  • 20 Stocked PAC-CLAD finishes - .040 Aluminum
  • 29 Stocked PAC-CLAD Finishes - .050 Aluminum
  • 6 Stocked PAC-CLAD Finishes - .063 Aluminum
  • Mill Finish Aluminum - .050 & .063 Aluminum
  • Clear and Colored Anodized - .050 & .063 Aluminum
  • ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 Standard to a design pressure of 290 lbs/ft2 to comply with the International Building Code
  • Factory Mutual 1-90 approved
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