Cupped Tile

The cupped tile catches light at multiple angles that creates a multi-shade effect as viewing perspective changes. In roof applications, installers can safely walk on the cupped tiles during installation.

  • Nominal: 15” x 9-5/8”
  • Exposed: 14-1/2” x 8-5/16” +/- 1/16”

Flat Tile

The flat tile has the flexibility to integrate with both modern and traditional designs.

  • Nominal: 15” x 9-5/8”
  • Exposed: 14-1/2” x 8-5/16” +/- 1/16”

Diamond Tile

Diamond tiles can be installed horizontally, or on an angle to achieve a diamond or clapboard pattern.

  • Nominal: 8-5/16″ x 9-3/4″
  • Exposed: 7-1/4” x 8-5/16” +/-1/16”

The Precision Series Tiles collection from Petersen includes four metal tile profiles that offer designers, specifiers and installers an alternative to roll-formed panel-style cladding. The stamped tiles can be applied to roof or wall installations, and are offered in four styles including Flat, Cupped, and Diamond. Designed to enhance architectural design, the tiles add dimension to the exterior of any structure. The tiles can be applied to either non-residential or residential environments, and are covered by the PAC-CLAD 30-year finish warranty.

The interlocking tiles are formed using progressive tooling to create a uniform and cost-effective cladding solution. This system installs directly over plywood or elevated channels using concealed fasteners. No sealant is required for the tiles’ breathable joints. Thermal gain and movement is not an issue, as the small size of each tile means movement will be minimal. Only basic sheet metal tools are required to work with these products. Minimum slope of 3:12 for roof applications.

  • 43 stocked colors (24 gauge steel)
  • 36 stocked colors (.032 aluminum)
  • 12 colors (LIC stainless)
  • Zalmag(R) coated steel (26 gauge)