Office and Retail: Careington International

Metal Construction News, March 2023

Fired Up

Roofing magazine, Nov/Dec 2022, pg. 72

Water World

Roofing magazine, Sept/Oct 2022, pg. 68

Metal meets aesthetics and durability goals

Metal Architecture, August 2022, pg. 42

Health care projects: Ronald McDonald House

Retrofit magazine, Jul/Aug 2022, pg. 34

Inside Out

Roofing magazine, Jul/Aug 2022, pg. 66

Colleges and universities: Innovation campus building, Wichita, KS

Metal Construction News, July 2022

Metal Construction Hall of Fame: Michael Petersen

Metal Construction News, June 2022, pg. 21

Metal panels break up apartment building

Metal Architecture, April 2022, pg. 40

Metal roof panels hit the wall for new rec center

Metal Roofing, April 2022, pg. 64

2022 Metal of Honor Winner

Metal Roofing, April 2022, pg. 24

Metal roof panels hit the wall for new rec center

Metal Roofing, April 2022, pg. 64

A+ Teamwork

Roofing magazine, March/April 2022, pg. 72

Evaluating, Selecting and Pricing Metal Roofing Products

Midwest Roofer, March 2022, pg 28

Metal meets aesthetics and durability goals

Metal Construction News, Feb. 2022, pg. 40

Dynamic desert colors inspire attractive casino garage

Roofing magazine, Jan/Feb 2022, pg. 74

Sports and Recreation: Lifeguard Arena

Metal Construction News, Jan. 2022, pg. 42

Attention to Detail

Modern Metals, December 2021, pg 26

Project focus: River of Life Church

Metal Construction News, Dec. 2021, pg. 40

Can a home last 200 years?

Green Builder, Nov/Dec 2021, pg. 46

Project focus hospitality: Desert Diamond Casino West Valley

Metal Construction News, Nov 2021, pg. 38

Terra cotta-colored metal connects stadium with campus architecture

Metal Architecture, Oct 2021, pg. 34

Project Focus: Children’s Museum and Theater of Maine

Metal Construction News, October 2021, pg. 31

First Federal Bank

Rural Builder, 2021 Source Book, pg. 44

Product Innovations: PrairieCare Medical Group

Building Design + Construction, Sept/Oct 2021, pg. 52

Water World

Roofing magazine, Sept/Oct 2022, pg. 68

Metal-clad bank helps planned development build community

Metal Roofing, Aug/Sept 2021. Pg. 38

Designing with Single-Skin Metal Panels

Metal Architecture, August 2021, pg. 14

Bank Helps Planned Development Build Community Ties

Architectural Products, July/August 2021, pg. 92

East Aldine Satellite Center

Architectural Products, July/August 2021, pg. 48

Retail facilities: Bass Pro Shops

Retrofit magazine, July/Aug 2021, pg. 36

Healing Environment

Roofing magazine, May/June 2021, pg. 62

Home Run

Architectural West, May/June 2021 pg. 28

Today’s Trends for Metal Wall Panels

Metal Architecture, May 2021, pg. 14

Private home, Chester Springs, PA

Metal Roofing Idea Book, May 2021, pg. 18

Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center, Yazoo City, MS

Metal Roofing Idea Book, May 2021, pg. 48

Evaluating, Selecting and Pricing Metal Roofing Products

Metal Architecture, April 2021, pg. 32

The Freight Yards

Metal Construction News, April 2021, pg. 24

St. Patrick Catholic Church

Retrofit, Mar/Apr 2021, pg. 44

Product innovations

Building Design + Construction, Mar/Apr 2021, pg. 54

Perfect fit

Roofing, Mar/Apr 2021, pg. 72

Ballpark embraces aviation-inspired design

Metal Architecture, March 2021, pg. 39

Breaking Tradition

Architectural West, Jan/Feb 2021, pg. 16

Grand slam

Roofing magazine, Jan/Feb 2021, pg. 68

Sports and recreation: Las Vegas Ballpark

Metal Construction News, Jan. 2021, pg. 46

Cover photo: Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

CRCA Today, winter 2021, pg. 1

Metal makes visual connection

Metal Architecture, Dec 2020, pg 32

The Finishing Touch: metal coating considerations

US Glass magazine, December 2020, pg. 32

High-tech high school

Architectural West, Nov/Dec 2020, pg. 16

Attention to detail

Roofing magazine, Nov/Dec 2020, pg. 64

A Ranch for the Ages

Green Builder, Nov/Dec 2020, pg. 60

Layered texture

Architectural Products, Nov/Dec 2020, pg. 22

Project Focus: Hospitality: Hotel Interurban

Metal Construction News, Nov. 2020, pg. 40


True Colors

Modern Metals, Nov 2020, pg. 24

FRSA’s New Home

Florida Roofing, October 2020, pg. 16


Standing seam roof tops aquatic center

Metal Architecture, October 2020, pg 33


State of the Art

Roofing, Sep/Oct 2020, pg. 64

The Next 10 Years

Metal Construction News, August 2020, pg. 42


Angled roof meets multiple goals

Metal Architecture, August 2020, pg. 25


Great Outdoors

Roofing, July/Aug 2020, pg 60


Shady situation

Architectural Products, Jul/Aug 2020, pg. 54

PAC-CLAD panels are NFPA 285 approved with spray foam

Metal Construction News, July 2020, pg. 10


Sandra Stetson Aquatic Center at Stetson University

Metal Construction News, July 2020, pg. 36


A study in light and shadow

Metal Architecture, July 2020, pg. 36


Smooth panels, flush joints make modern appearance

Metal Architecture, July 2020, pg. 56


Made in the Shade

Architectural West, May/June 2020, pg. 12


Uplifting design

Roofing magazine, May/June 2020, pg. 62


Project focus: Minneapolis-St. Paul’s airport loading dock

Metal Construction News, May 2020, pg 54


Evaluating, Selecting and Pricing Metal Roofing Products

Florida Roofing, May 2020, pg. 14


FRSA Building Update

Florida Roofing, May 2020, pg. 20


Head of the class

Modern Metals, April 2020, pg. 34


Head of the class


Project Focus: K-12 Schools – Del Valle High School

Metal Construction News, April 2020, pg. 40


Rosa Jackson Recreation Center

Retrofit, March/April 2020, pg. 38


Staying Dry

Western Roofing, March/April 2020, pg. 44


Ten new products to peruse

Building Design + Construction, January/February 2020, pg 52


Ahead of the curve

Roofing, January/February 2020, pg 102


Heavy metal

Qualified Remodeler, January 2020, pg 46


PAC-CLAD at Cade Museum

Building Design + Construction, December 2019, pg 26


Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Loading Dock

Modern Metals, December 2019, pg 36


A positive and fun approach

Western Roofing, November/December 2019, pg 18


Instant landmark

Roofing, November/December 2019, pg 62


Choice cladding

Architectural West, Sept/Oct 2019, pg. 12


Metal panels create high-tech appearance for energy-positive school

Roofing, Sept/Oct 2019, pg. 100


Education: Athens High School

Retfofit, Sept/Oct 2019, pg. 40


Future proof

Residential Design, Fall 2019, pg. 94


To roof or not to roof

Professional Roofing, September 2019, pg. 38


Banking on innovative roof and wall design

Roofing, July/August 2019, pg. 66


Hotel features metal roof

Metal Architecture, July 2019, pg. 54


Modern music museum

Metal Architecture, June 2019, pg. 27


Testing for wind uplift

Metal Construction News, June 2019, pg. 32


Engaging creativity - Cade Museum

Metal Construction News, June 2019, pg. 28


Projects at work: Corrugated metals

Building Design + Construction, June 2019, pg. 55


Projects Great and Small - Veterinary Hospital

Roofing, May-June 2019, pg. 62


Public art on a grand scale

Building Design + Construction, May 2019, pg. 34


Metal roof, walls intersect - Southside Bank

Metal Architecture, May 2019, pg. 42


The museum built by Gatorade

Architectural Products, May 2019, pg. 49


Mooseheart Child City and School

Metal Construction News, April 2019, pg. 40


Creative Details

Metal Architecture, April 2019, pg. 48


Marina's new roof is a standout

Metal Roofing, April 2019, pg. 24


Metra Station

Retrofit, March/April 2019, pg. 34


Athletic facility reflects farmland imagery

Metal Architecture, March 2019, pg. 35


Project focus: Health Care: Herrington Ornelas HealthPark

Metal Construction News, February 2019, pg. 46


New life in the old city

Metal Construction News, February 2019, pg. 25


Horizontal, diagonal panels clad school

Metal Architecture, February 2019, pg. 42


Neutral colored panels coordinate with masonry

Metal Architecture, February 2019, pg. 38


2018 MCA Chairmans's Awards: Institutional - Ballet Memphis

Metal Architecture, February 2019, pg. 21


Clear sailing for metal roofing

Commercial Architecture, January/February 2019, pg. 50


Low country luxury

Roofing, January/February 2019, pg. 86


Lexington Athletic Complex

Metal Construction News, January 2019, pg. 43


Metal roof tops dual-use building

Metal Architecture, January 2019, pg. 32


Prairie-style made modern: Glass and metal combine for Pinnacle Design

US Glass, January 2019, pg. 34


Building Enclosure online

January 2019


Four PAC-CLAD roof panels receive ICC-ES approval

Metal Architecture, December 2018, pg. 15


Retail & Mixed Use: Hanover Square Mall

Retrofit, November/December 2018, pg. 36


Metal music box

Metal Construction News, November 2018, pg. 22


Problem solvers

Roofing, September/October 2018, pg. 68


Project focus: Otto Budig Theater

Metal Construction News, October 2018, pg. 37


Multifamily mania

Metal Construction News, October 2018, pg. 24


Vertical metal siding adds height to Chicago home

Metal Roofing, August/September 2018, pg. 51


Design Awards: Simply Shakesperean

Metal Architecture, July 2018, pg. 27


Design Awards: A Transparent Music Box

Metal Architecture, July 2018, pg. 44


Metal modernizes museum

Metal Architecture, June 2018, pg. 40


Wholly roofing

Professional Roofing, June 2018, pg. 56


Open to the world

Products, May/June 2018, pg. 40


Two schools, one solution

Commercial Architecture, May 2018, pg. 30


Metal articulates facade

Metal Architecture, May 2018, pg. 29


Project focus: K-12 Schools

Metal Construction News, April 2018, pg. 42


Doing it all

Roofing, March/April 2018, pg. 72


Sports center highlights metal

Roofing, March/April 2018, pg. 72


Hanover Square

Metal Construction News, March 2018, pg. 49


Bonus Feature: Metal Roofing

Metal Architecture, February 2018, pg. 27


School colors prompt panels

Metal Architecture, February 2018, pg. 34


A kingdom for a stage

Roofing, January/February 2018, pg. 78


Students' faces shine through school's perforated metal facade

Building Design + Construction, January 2018 – pg 61


Top 101 Products

Building Design + Construction, December 2017


Retail and Mixed Use: Destin Commons

Retrofit, November/December 2017 – pg 31


Petersen to open PAC-CLAD manufacturing facility in Phoenix

Roofing, November/December 2017 – pg 14


Project Focus: Sharpsburg Community Library

Metal Construction News, November 2017 – pg 48


Project Focus: Grammy Museum Mississippi

Metal Construction News, November 2017 – pg 46


Flexible Learning

Metal Architecture, November 2017 – pg 28


Petersen Aluminum to open Phoenix facility

Professional Roofing, November 2017 – pg 60


Five colors of metal wall panels enhance design

Metal Roofing, October/November 2017 – pg 55


Intricate roof meets refined design of coastal complex

Metal Roofing, October/November 2017 – pg 44


Petersen Aluminum opening new plant

Metal Architecture, October 2017 – pg 14


Petersen Aluminum is opening plant

Metal Construction News, October 2017 – pg 12


Making Music on the Delta

Architectural Products, October 2017 – pg 30


Petersen to open new facility in Phoenix

USGlass, October 2017 – pg 22


Education: Sharpsburg Community Library

Retrofit, September/October 2017


Inspired Design Takes Flight

Roofing, September/October 2017 – pg 102


Theater achieves open and unique aesthetic

Architectural Products, September 2017 Page 98


Citation of Excellence, Richland Two Institute of Innovation

Learning by Design, Fall 2017, pg. 100


Outstanding Project: Alma Brewer Strawn Elementary School

Learning by Design, Fall 2017, pg. 44


Top 100 Products: Roofing

Professional Remodeler, August 2017 – pg 68


Delaware City DMV

Design Cost Data, May/June 2017


Roof enhances shopping center's image

Architectural Products, May 2017 – pg 84


Metal roof design inspired by kite-flying site

Metal Roofing, April 2017 page 66


Metal of Honor 2017: Fire and rescue station

Metal Roofing, April 2017 page 26


Metal makes industrial ranch design

Metal Architecture, April 2017


Project Focus: Education K-12 - Dearing Elementary

Metal Construction News, April 2017


Backbone Ridge Residence

Design Cost Data, March-April 2017


Offices and Warehouses: Workforce Essentials

Roofing, March/April 2017


Backbone Ridge residence, Wimberley, Texas

Design Cost Date, March/April 2017


Color wheel

Modern Metals, April 2017, pg. 68


Products of the Year 2017: Metal covers the curves

Commercial Architecture, December 2017 – pg 61


Health Care Projects: Vinita Health Center

Roofing magazine, May/June 2016


Metal Panels From Petersen Cover Coastal Elementary School, May 2016


Roofing Plays Part in LEED Design

Commercial Architecture, April 2016


Roofing Plays Part in LEED Design

Commercial Architecture, April 2016


Aluminum roof fits in saltwater environment

Metal Architecture, April 2016


Project focus: Education K-12. Ivy Street Center

Metal Construction News, April 2016


Sky-high Roofing

Professional Roofing, March 2016


Petersen Aluminum Products Help College Science Building's Design Reflect Mechanical, Educational Needs, March 2016


Colorful roofs clad amusement park

Metal Architecture, March 2016


Country Home Blends With Nature, Aided By Roofing From Petersen, March 2016


Ricky Rocket's Fuel Center

Metal Construction News, March 2016


I-Drive Parking Deck, March 2016


Health Facility's LEED Silver Design Reflects Cherokee History, Building Materials, March 2016


State of the Industry: 2016 Looks Positive

Metal Roofing, Feb/Mar 2016


Oceanside Courthouse Is Reroofed With Weathertight Metal Roofing, February 2016


Project Focus: Health Care – Western Health Center

Metal Construction News, February 2016


Metal Roofing Supply Chain

Metal Construction News, February 2016


Metal panels redefine Marist School's appearance

Roofing Contractor, February 2016


Healthcare facility’s LEED Silver design reflects Cherokee history

Healthcare Facilities Today, January 2016


Kitschy Design Blasts Off With Bright Metal Roof, Fascia, December 2015


Sheet Metal Distribution and Fabrication Center Expands, December 2015


Ivy Street Center, December 2015


Metal Wall Panels Put to Work on Georgia School Project, December 2015


A Diamond on the Brazos River

Professional Roofing, October 2015


Coxe Cage

Retrofit, September-October 2015


Discovering Drama

Modern Metals, September 2015


Aluminum Panels Top Off Science Building

Commercial Building Products, September 2015


Products at Work

Building Design + Construction, August 2015


MCM Roundtable

Metal Architecture, August 2015


Petersen re-roofs historic Yale University fieldhouse

Modern Metals, April 2015


Strength and Stability

Roofing, March/April 2015


Jack of All Trades

Chicago Architect, March/April 2015


Petersen Aluminum Celebrates 50 Years

Modern Metals, March 2015


Metal Roof Joins University Field House

Metal Architecture, March 2015


Service Centers Get Social

Forward, December 2014


Supply Chain Gears Up for Run on Automotive

Metal Center News, October 2014


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