Education: Sharpsburg Community Library

Retrofit, September/October 2017

Design Awards 2017: Indian Springs School

Terxas Architect, September/October 2017

Theater achieves open and unique aesthetic

Architectural Products, September 2017 Page 98

Bold community asset

Metal Architecture, June 2017

Three-tier tutelage

Metal Construction News, June 2017

Delaware City DMV

Design Cost Data, May/June 2017

Metal roof design inspired by kite-flying site

Metal Roofing, April 2017 page 66

Metal of Honor 2017: Fire and rescue station

Metal Roofing, April 2017 page 26

Metal makes industrial ranch design

Metal Architecture, April 2017

Backbone Ridge Residence

Design Cost Data, March-April 2017

Project Focus: Education K-12 - Dearing Elementary

Metal Construction News, April 2017

Offices and Warehouses: Workforce Essentials

Roofing, March/April 2017

Backbone Ridge residence, Wimberley, Texas

Design Cost Date, March/April 2017

Health Care Projects: Vinita Health Center

Roofing magazine, May/June 2016

Metal Panels From Petersen Cover Coastal Elementary School, May 2016

Project focus: Education K-12. Ivy Street Center

Metal Construction News, April 2016

Roofing Plays Part in LEED Design

Commercial Architecture, April 2016

Roofing Plays Part in LEED Design

Commercial Architecture, April 2016

Aluminum roof fits in saltwater environment

Metal Architecture, April 2016

Country Home Blends With Nature, Aided By Roofing From Petersen, March 2016

Colorful roofs clad amusement park

Metal Architecture, March 2016

Ricky Rocket's Fuel Center

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Health Facility's LEED Silver Design Reflects Cherokee History, Building Materials, March 2016

Sky-high Roofing

Professional Roofing, March 2016

I-Drive Parking Deck, March 2016

Petersen Aluminum Products Help College Science Building's Design Reflect Mechanical, Educational Needs, March 2016

State of the Industry: 2016 Looks Positive

Metal Roofing, Feb/Mar 2016

Oceanside Courthouse Is Reroofed With Weathertight Metal Roofing, February 2016

Project Focus: Health Care – Western Health Center

Metal Construction News, February 2016

Metal Roofing Supply Chain

Metal Construction News, February 2016

Metal panels redefine Marist School's appearance

Roofing Contractor, February 2016

Healthcare facility’s LEED Silver design reflects Cherokee history

Healthcare Facilities Today, January 2016

Metal Roofing from Around the World

Metal Roofing, Dec/Jan 2016

Ivy Street Center, December 2015

Metal Roofing from Around the World

Metal Roofing, December 2015

Kitschy Design Blasts Off With Bright Metal Roof, Fascia, December 2015

Sheet Metal Distribution and Fabrication Center Expands, December 2015

Metal Wall Panels Put to Work on Georgia School Project, December 2015

A Diamond on the Brazos River

Professional Roofing, October 2015

Coxe Cage

Retrofit, September-October 2015

Aluminum Panels Top Off Science Building

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Discovering Drama

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Products at Work

Building Design + Construction, August 2015

MCM Roundtable

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Petersen re-roofs historic Yale University fieldhouse

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Prosperous Heritage

Durability + Design, April 2015

Petersen Aluminum Celebrates 50 Years

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Strength and Stability

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Jack of All Trades

Chicago Architect, March/April 2015

Petersen Aluminum Celebrates 50 Years

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Metal Roof Joins University Field House

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State of the Industry: 2015 Looks Bright

Metal Roofing, March 2015

Service Centers Get Social

Forward, December 2014

Supply Chain Gears Up for Run on Automotive

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