The following is a summary of conditions and considerations that Petersen considers important when specifying PAC-CLAD metal products. For project-specific information, please call 800-PAC-CLAD.


PAC-CLAD panels are available standard with a 70% PVDF finish. Please refer to the color information on pages 4 and 5 for guidance of color selection. Samples and photo-accurate color charts are available for your assistance.

Custom Colors

Custom colors are available for most applications of greater than 10,000 sq. ft.and may be applied to either aluminum or Galvalume steel. Contact Petersen for information concerning costs and availability.


Special care must be taken to ensure that panels are installed over a flat substrate. For roofing applications, panels typically are installed over 5/8” or 3/4” plywood decking with ice and water shield horizontally overlayed from the eave to the ridge. It is recommended that clips be installed on 18” centers for all applications except Snap-Clad, PAC-150, PAC T-250, Tite-Loc Plus and Tite-Loc (consult specific UL Construction assemblies for clip spacing). Consult a local architect/engineer for requirements of local codes and conditions.


Most applications require additional metalwork including fascia, storefront trim, copings, gravel stops, downspouts, etc. Such metalwork may be specified for fabrication by manufacturer or for fabrication from flat sheet as provided by manufacturer. Flashings properly fabricated from PAC-CLAD flat sheet are fully covered under Petersen’s 35-year finish warranty.

PAC-CLAD flat sheet provides an exact color match to PAC-CLAD panels. PAC-CLAD flat sheets, coil and fabricated trim accessories are available with a strippable vinyl masking applied. This masking is recommended on all applications requiring extra handling. NOTE: This strippable vinyl film must be removed immediately after installation.

Panel Conditions/Variations

Pencil ribs and striations must be requested by the customer.

Panel Dimensions

All dimensions appearing in this catalog are nominal. Consult Petersen rep for more information.


All panels are cut to custom lengths before roll-forming and are available in lengths up to 64’. See specific product pages for maximum panel lengths. Minimum length is 4’. Consult factory for longer lengths. Lengths are accurate to 1/4”. Custom cut-to-length service is available at no cost and helps to improve project economy.

Panel Widths

Most PAC-CLAD panels are available in non-standard on-center dimensions. Contact Petersen for product availability and cost. PAC-CLAD panel standard widths are nominal and could vary.


Tite-Loc and PAC T-250 panels are designed for a roof pitch of 1/2:12 or greater. PAC-150 minimum pitch is 1:12. Snap-Clad panels have been designed to be installed on applications as low as 2:12 pitch. Redi-Roof panels and Snap-On panels have been designed for a minimum 3:12 pitch. Greater pitch may be required in snow country and in areas of extreme climate conditions.

Fire Ratings

PAC-CLAD panels have been evaluated by Underwriters Laboratories for inclusion in a variety of fire-rated “P-Assemblies” and are classified in section CETW of the UL Fire Resistance Directory – Vol. 1. Several panel assemblies have been evaluated as Class A fire-rated. Contact Petersen for complete information on components and assemblies.

Oil Canning

All Petersen material is prime-quality aluminum or Galvalume steel. All materials are specified for roll-forming applications. Panels are inspected in the plant for flatness before shipment. Jobsite conditions such as temperature variation, unlevel substrate and/or improper installation may promote oil canning. Oil canning does not affect the finish or structural integrity of the panel and is therefore not cause for rejection.


A 35-year finish warranty is available covering cracking, peeling and color fade on all PAC-CLAD applications. PAC-CLAD is a 70% PVDF finish and therefore carries the highest-quality 35-year non-prorated finish warranty available. Finish warranty terms for Cardinal Red, Award Blue, Weathered Copper, Weathered Steel and all metallic finishes vary. Please refer to for further details.

Petersen also offers a coastal finish warranty for projects located in the vicinity of the coast or within saltwater environments. Aluminum substrates, with stainless steel clips and fasteners, must be used to qualify for the coastal warranty.

For projects utilizing Snap-Clad, Tite-Loc, Tite-Loc Plus, PAC-150 and PAC T-250 factory-formed standing-seam panels, weathertightness warranties for terms up to 20 years are available. Projects must be approved for warranty by Petersen prior to ordering.


lean, dry facilities for storage and protection of material should be provided at the job site. Store materials out of traffic areas to prevent dents, bending, abrasion, etc.

Limitations on Liability

Neither Petersen nor its customer shall be liable for special, indirect or consequential damages. The liability of Petersen in the event of the sale of its products shall be limited to replacement of any defective or nonconforming products or refund of the purchase price.

Bending Limits

Bending limitations apply to PAC-CLAD metal. Bending beyond the approved 2T limit will void warranty. Refer to page 39 of our catalog or consult a Petersen rep for more information.