PAC-CLAD Paint Pen

The PAC-CLAD Paint Pen is a convenient way to quickly, neatly, and effectively touch up scratches and other damage to the PAC-CLAD finish.

Applying PAC-CLAD touch-up paint quickly returns a building’s architectural metal façade to its intended appearance. The paint pens contain .28 ounces of PAC-CLAD paint and can be shipped anywhere they are needed. 

PAC-CLAD paint pens are available for standard colors, which do not include metallic, weathered copper, weathered steel, wood grain or ore finishes. Contact a local Petersen sales representative for ordering and pricing. Petersen’s PAC-CLAD sales reps can be identified using the rep locator at 

The shelf life of the paint in the pens is 1 year, and should be stored with the cap tightly secured, and in a horizontal position. Using the paint pen is simple. With cap on, shake well. Before first use, push felt tip in and out repeatedly on scrap cardboard. Apply felt tip lightly to scratched, nicked or worn area. If needed, gently wipe area with soft cloth to remove excess paint. Allow paint to dry and set.

The previously available 2-ounce bottles will be offered as special orders with longer lead times.