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A home with residential metal roofing stands with more pride than neighboring homes, and for good reason. The beauty of a metal roof is superior to the asphalt shingles most homeowners think of when envisioning a residential roof. A metal roof will perform better, too. The properties of metal combined with the incredible solar reflectivity of our superior paint coating can reduce the cost of heating and cooling a home. Additionally, a residential metal roof will last much longer and endure better than an asphalt or wood roof. While neighbors complain about replacing their non-metal roofs, those living under metal roofs will beam with pride that theirs looks as good as the day it was installed.

When choosing an architect or contractor, experience matters. A metal roof is a different animal that requires a specialized skill set to properly specify and install. Choosing architects and contractors with plenty of metal roof experience will maximize your metal roof’s performance, and add a level of comfort to your decision.

A metal roof will look beautiful and perform well on a home built from the ground up, or on a home undergoing a complete exterior remodel, or simple roof replacement. A good architect or designer can blend a Petersen metal roof with any architectural style or color.

Petersen’s metal roofing products are available in either steel or aluminum. An experienced Petersen rep, architect or contractor will guide homeowners toward the material that’s best for their home.

A Petersen metal roof is made with recycled content, qualifying it as a “green” or recycled-content product. It is also 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life, unlike other roofing materials which are routinely disposed of in landfills by the ton.

Learn more about PAC-CLAD’s commitment to sustainability.

A PAC-CLAD metal roof from Petersen is available in 30 Cool Roof colors that are rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council. Coating technology that is specifically formulated for PAC-CLAD products reflects sunlight and cools a roof by emitting radiation to its surroundings. The roof stays cooler and reduces the amount of heat conducted to a home, saving up to 40% of a typical home’s annual energy costs.

Petersen offers a limited 30-year finish warranty on its PAC-CLAD painted metal roof and siding panels. A watertight warranty is available on selected metal roof products.

Petersen is a proud member of the Metal Roofing Alliance. The MRA is dedicated to helping homeowners make educated roofing decisions and connecting them with metal roofing professionals. Learn more.


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