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PAC-CLAD finish warranty extended to 35 years

Petersen now offers a finish warranty of 35 years for all of its standard PAC-CLAD Kynar-based 70% PVDF Fluropon coatings on architectural metal. The warranty has been extended to 35 years from 30 years, effective immediately, and covers fading, chalking and chipping.

“The faith Petersen has in the PAC-CLAD finish is so strong we’ve extended the standard finish warranty to 35 years,” said Mike Weis, vice president, sales and marketing. “Architects can continue to specify PAC-CLAD metal cladding systems with even more confidence knowing their vision for their buildings will last for decades.”

Finish warranty terms for Cardinal Red, Award Blue, Weathered Copper, Weathered Steel and all metallic finishes vary. Petersen also offers a weathertightness for its mechanically seamed roof panels, plus a coastal finish warranty for projects located in the vicinity of the coast or within saltwater environments. Aluminum substrates, with stainless steel clips and fasteners, must be used to qualify for the coastal warranty.

All available Petersen warranties can be viewed at