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Extreme Makeover for Orange Park, Florida High School

Combine architectural vision with superior products and the results are astounding.  The proof – check out the before and after shots of the Orange Park (FL) High School West Campus, where a complete exterior renovation makes the building almost unrecognizable.

Featuring 16,000 SFT of PAC Precision Series HWP, the horizontally installed wall panels provide an edgy visual appearance plus superior durability required for a high school setting. The .032 aluminum HWP panel meets the required negative load uplifts for this project, and is available in the selected PAC-CLAD Kynar Military Blue finish. The project also features 3000 SF of PAC 850 soffit panel, produced in PAC-CLAD Cityscape.

Architect-of-Record is McCullar & Boatright of Orange Park, FL. Installation contractor for the project was Deep South Systems, and distributor was JGA Southern Roof Center, located in Jacksonville, FL.