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Exterior colors, metal roof play key role in design of sophisticated farmhouse

The owners’ vision for the design of their new home was that it have a “sophisticated farmhouse” look, as architect Brandon Ingram of C. Brandon Ingram Design in Tallahassee, Fla., described it. “They wanted it to be comfortable but a little more ‘tailored.’ They certainly didn’t want grandma’s farmhouse. We worked together to create a stylish look that realized their vision.”

Metal was the only material considered for the roof. As Ingram said, “Given the farmhouse directive, there are certain things that you almost have to do design-wise and one would be a metal roof—no matter how country or relaxed or sophisticated the design may be.” This is where approximately 8,500 sq. ft. of Petersen’s Snap-Clad panels took effect.

Ingram has completed a number of recent residential projects using Petersen’s PAC-CLAD products. “The color variety that Petersen offers is really impressive,” Ingram said. “There are lots of colors that feel very natural and organic. The color palette offers options that work well with a variety of architectural styles.”

The timeless materials and colors—earthy red brick at the base, ivory board and batten siding and the silver Snap-Clad roof—were carefully chosen to maximize the visual impact of the home’s straightforward massing. Bold, exaggerated gables interplay with exposed rafter tails and brackets to give the residence a sense of animation.

“We lined up the seams of the metal roof panels with the rafter tails which align with the vertical lines of the siding,” Ingram said. “That really gave it a nice tailored look.”

The alignment of the Snap-Clad panel seams with the rafter tails really was the only challenge on the job, said installer Barney Taylor Jr., owner of Tallahassee Roofing Inc. “Otherwise, it was a pretty straight-forward job,” Taylor said. The company is a regular installer of Petersen products. “It’s all we use. Petersen is a great company with quality products and people,” he said. Tallahassee Roofing fabricated the Snap-Clad Panels on-site using its own equipment.

Architect Ingram believes, “the metal roof really makes this house unforgettable.” He added, “If it didn’t have the metal roof, the design wouldn’t have the same impact. The roof is one of the elements that catches people’s eyes. We get more calls about this house than any other house I have ever designed. Lots of times, people mistakenly think of a metal roof only for a beach house. The metal roof makes this house very memorable in its setting.”

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