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Boyds Bear Collectibles

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Boyds Bear Country utilized an extremely unique and creative application of PAC-CLAD metal roofing panels to create a wood board and batten siding look for its flagship facility located in Gettysburg, PA.

The design team was challenged to create a large-scale retail destination that would be whimsical, fun and inviting and also be consistent with a rural setting. The result was a 112,000 sq. ft. complex centered around a four-story red barn created by LSC Design, York, PA. The barn houses 18 themed retail stores for Boyds Bear Collectibles plus two museums, a food court and corporate offices.

The major issue in designing the structure was how to replicate the board and batten look with maintenance-free metal. Petersen’s PAC-CLAD Snap-On Batten Panels achieved the desired effect but were not designed to be installed as siding. Petersen engineers consulted with the design team and created a lapping system utilizing different panels lengths. Panels were custom crimped at specified edges and coded by order of installation before being shipped to the jobsite.

Installation was completed by M. Potteiger Inc., York, PA, utilizing 40,000 sq. ft. of Snap-On Batten Panels in Colonial Red. According to David Bieber, project manager, “Engineering-wise, I don’t believe this had ever been done before. We had a repeating pattern of three different panel lengths on three runs of the siding all the way around the building. This gave the appearance everyone wanted while allowing us to properly secure the panels.”

The structure was capped with 42,000 sq. ft. of Charcoal SNAP-CLAD metal roofing panels complete with two 30-foot cupolas topped with a 7-foot weathervane in the shape of a bear.

The general contractor on the project was Kinsley Construction, Inc., York, PA.

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