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Heritage Elementary School

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Three-tier metal roof design disguises mass of new Oklahoma school

The expansive new 500-student pre-K thru 4th grade Heritage Elementary School in Tahlequah, Okla., was greatly needed by its growing community. The project, designed by Crafton Tull in Tulsa, features a curving spine element that provides the main circulation corridor off of which three major classroom “fingers” radiate.

A defining entry area of the 70,000-sq.-ft. structure honors Tahlequah’s Cherokee Indian history with a representation of the Cherokee sacred fire, a symbol of the culture’s unity and strength. Enrollment at Tahlequah Public Schools includes approximately 44% Native American students.

Nearly 87,000 sq. ft. of Petersen’s PAC-CLAD Galvalume Snap-Clad panels in 24 gauge steel were selected to roof the sprawling structure. The innovative roof design on each classroom wing features three different levels that minimize mass and offer a sleek look. The Snap-Clad panel profile was specified as an option by the architect, said Jason Irvin, branch manager of Harness Roofing in Tulsa, the installing contractor.

“The detailing was complicated and required custom tapered valleys and transitions from each level of the wings,” Irvin said. “Getting the levels to line up properly was definitely a challenge. But other than that, the job was relatively straight-forward. There was just a lot of it!”

Many of the Snap-Clad panels were up to 60-ft. long and were fabricated on-site using Petersen’s portable roll-forming equipment provided from its Tyler, Texas, plant. “The longer panels were lifted onto the roof using a crane and spreader bar,” Irvin said. “The shorter panels were manufactured in Tyler, crated and shipped to us.”

The distributor of the PAC-CLAD material was Bradco Supply in Tulsa.

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