SDS Arconic Composite

iple languages spoken) 1 (24 Hour Emergency Telephone, English only) 1-412-553-4822 EYNOBOND NC Danger Supplemental information Small chips, fine turnings and dust from processing may be readily ignitable. Explosion/fire hazards may be present when: • Dust or fines are dispersed in air. • Chips, dust or fines are in contact with water. • Dust and fines from processing are in contact with certain metal oxides (e.g., rust, copper oxide). • Molten metal is in contact with water/moisture or certain metal oxides (e.g., rust, copper oxide). FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES: Use Class D extinguishing agents on fines, dust or molten metal. Use coarse water spray on chips and turnings. DO NOT USE halogenated extinguishing agents on small chunks, dust or fines. DO NOT USE water in fighting fires around molten metal. These fire extinguishing agents will react with the burning material. Thermal decomposition of coatings can generate toxic and irritating gases. IN CASE OF SPILL: Collect scrap for recycling. If molten: Use dry sand to contain the flow of material. All tooling (e.g., shovels or hand tools) and containers which come in contact with molten metal must be preheated or specially coated, rust free and approved for such use. Allow the spill to cool before remelting as scrap. See Arconic SDS Number 1522.