Impact of growing electrification of U.S. economy to be studied

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory recently announced it will be launching the Electrification Futures Study, a research project aimed at identifying the potential impacts of “electrifying” all parts of the U.S. economy, including commercial and residential buildings, transportation and industry. The study will answer these questions:

1) What end-use electric technologies are available for the highest energy-consuming services today, and how might the technologies advance over time?
2) How might widespread electrification impact national and regional electricity demand and consumption patterns?
3) How would the U.S. electricity system need to transform to meet changes in demand from an electrified economy?
4) What role might demand-side flexibility play to support reliable operations of a clean electricity grid?
5) What are potential costs, benefits, and impacts of mass electrification?

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