PAC-TITE Coping - Tapered



PAC-TITE Coping - Tapered

The PAC-TITE Coping system is the complete package, providing specifiers and contractors unmatched strength, beauty, ease of installation and ability to meet rigorous testing requirements in perimeter applications. PAC-TITE Coping also offers design flexibility, capable of accommodating wall widths up to 32″.

The superior engineering of PAC-TITE coping ensures an aesthetically pleasing, high performance installation. Concealed, 8″ wide splice plates include sealant strips to produce a watertight seal at the joints while allowing for proper thermal movement. Galvanized steel anchor clips have pre-punched holes for proper attachment to the building substrate. Factory applied, corrosion resistant stainless steel springs provides long-term positive attachment. Yet, the easily installed snap-on design of the cover, in a wide range of architectural finishes, ensures beauty for a long time to come.

Three Versions Available

Three versions of PAC-TITE Coping are available and have been extensively tested to meet ANSI-SPRI ES-1, FM and Miami-Dade Approvals:

  • Tapered
  • Flat
  • Existing Slope with Nailer

Additionally, PAC-TITE Coping is backed by a 20-Year, 120 mph wind warranty to ensure long-term, worry-free performance.

Offering a wide range of factory-fabricated accessories such as quicklocked or welded miters, endwall flashing and endcaps, Petersen provides the complete system to ensure a clean, sure-fitting product while eliminating the need for field fabrication. Additionally, PAC-TITE coping can be customized to meet any unique design requirement including radius, arched and elliptical conditions, and precise fabrication can produce miters and transitions to the most exacting demands.

  • 43 stocked PAC-CLAD Finishes (24 gauge steel)
  • 15 stocked PAC-CLAD Finishes (22 gauge steel)
  • 22 stocked PAC-CLAD Finishes (.040 aluminum)
  • 29 stocked PAC-CLAD Finishes (.050 aluminum)
  • 6 stocked PAC-CLAD Finishes (.063 aluminum)
  • Mill Finish Aluminum (.020, .050 & .063 aluminum)
  • Clear and Colored Anodized (.020, .050 & .063 aluminum)

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