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Signature blue perks up façade of growing coffee chain’s Tucson store

Possibly the fastest growing coffee chain in the United States is largely unknown outside the West Coast and Southwest, but this could soon change if the company’s rapid expansion continues at its current clip. Dutch Bros. Coffee began operations in 1992 in Grants Pass, Oregon, and now has more than 400 locations across nine states west of the Mississippi. The company, founded by two brothers of Dutch descent, doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Even during 2020’s pandemic months, 53 new Dutch Bros. stores opened, with 85 expected to be added to the roster in 2021.

The company has worked hard to ensure consistent branding across its mix of self-owned and franchised outlets, including prominent use of a signature blue background. This color plays prominently in the design of its Cortero Farms Rd. location in Tucson. PAC-CLAD metal wall panels from Petersen finished in Interstate Blue help the Dutch Bros. colorful logo stand out, against a façade of earth-toned concrete and cast-stone cladding that blends in well with the desert setting.

Approximately 900 sq. ft. of Precision Series HWP architectural wall panels in 24-gauge steel were used for the project – installed vertically, they help give the low-slug building a visual lift. Precision Series panels give designers – like those from Phoenix-based Level 4 Studio that designed this store – a number of options suitable to a range of projects. They can be specified in either 12-in. or 16-in. widths and in a broad range of 46 stocked colors. They’re also offered in 22-gauge steel, along with three aluminum gauges. For installers, like the pros from this project’s Progressive Roofing-Tucson, the Precision Series offers both no-clip panels, as well as clip installation where expansion and contraction conditions are a concern.