PAC 500 Bronze Flat Coil Anodized Aluminum

PAC-CLAD’s “two-step” anodizing process, acquired through license from Alcan International Ltd., enables Petersen to produce architectural bronzes and black in coil stock.

The PAC 500 finish is accomplished through a progressive electrolytic process. The metal is first anodized in a sulfuric acid bath. The material then passes through an electrically charged bath of cobalt mineral salts. The finishing process is completed as the metal passes through a sealing tank.

A complete range of bronze shades and black can be achieved through variation of the current through the coloring tank. PAC 500 is highly resistant to ultra-violet light.

The coil anodizing capability allows Petersen to hold extremely tight control over color range, making PAC 500 the finish of choice for curtainwall and storefront applications where an anodized finish is desired. With anodized finishes, a color variance is to be expected from batch to batch. To minimize the color variance, please order enough sheet or coil to complete the project.

PAC 300 Clear Anodized Aluminum

PAC 300 Clear Anodized Aluminum consists of anodized quality 5005-H34 aluminum sheet, giving a .0003 thick clear anodized coating. Coil anodizing allows for exceptional control over uniformity of appearance. PAC 300 anodized aluminum is stocked in gauges .032-.125.

Anodized Availability Chart

.032 .040 .050 .063 .080 .125
PAC 500
Light Bronze
Medium Bronze
Dark Bronze
PAC 300
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