New simulated ore finishes expand creativity for metal cladding applications

PAC-CLAD Ore finishes from Petersen allow architects to add the look of natural metal patinas to any structure. Ore finishes will not tarnish, discolor or rust, which provides architects and [Read More]

Increased spacing for roof panel clips saves time, money and labor costs

Metal roof installation contractors wanting to save costs on material and labor can use increased spacing between clips for Petersen’s PAC-CLAD standing seam roof panels. Fastening clips for Snap-Clad and [Read More]

Price increases to be effective Oct. 18

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, ILL [Sept. 20, 2021] – The metals industry continues to experience booming demand and constrained supply, causing a shortage of material throughout the supply chain while prices [Read More]

Corners and entryway of Tennessee’s largest high school accented with metal

When students first entered the doors of Collierville High School in Collierville, Tenn., in August 2018, the fact that they’d made a big step up in quality from their previous [Read More]

Cost-saving idea doubles as sustainability solution

Lumber in 2020 and 2021 has been difficult to find and costly to secure, which presents challenges for Petersen’s production facilities which use wooden skids for every shipped order of [Read More]

Early learning center’s red roof adds fun to design’s religious roots

Building a new community from the ground up is a challenging proposition. This is what’s happening in Yulee, Fla., where the master-planned community of Wildlight is quickly expanding. It’s sited [Read More]

A lodge or a utility building? Doesn’t matter, metal makes it look great

Located 50 miles east of Atlanta and 20 miles west of the college town of Athens, Ga., Winder Ga., is a small town on its way up in the world. [Read More]

Damage from Hurricane Irma forces Florida condo to replace entire roof

Marco Island, off the southwest coast of Florida, offers plenty of sandy beaches to attract both vacationers and year-round residents. It’s also somewhat sheltered by the curving arm of the [Read More]

Price increases to be effective Aug. 1, 2021

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, ILL. [July 1, 2021] – Booming demand, constrained supply and a shortage of material throughout the metal industry supply chain continues to cause prices to rise. Raw [Read More]

Swift action, skilled crew expedite repair of storm-damaged school

When strong winds tore the roof off the Ancient Lakes Elementary School building in Quincy, Wash., in October 2020, a safe and speedy repair was the school’s top priority. With [Read More]