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Multi-level metal roof is easy to install on credit union

The opening of the new Public Employees Credit Union branch in Round Rock, Texas, marks the credit union’s sixth location throughout the state. The 3,900 sq. ft. facility presents a substantial yet inviting, contemporary image to the community and customers alike.


The roof design includes numerous levels and planes that cover the offices and drive-thru lanes. Approximately 7,000 sq. ft. of Petersen’s PAC-CLAD 24 gauge Snap-Clad panels finished in Medium Bronze highlight the facility. Medium Bronze is a PAC-CLAD Cool Color that meets Energy Star performance criteria for emissivity and reflectivity.


Installation of the Petersen roof was performed by Sheet Metal Professionals in Lacy Lakeview, Texas. The job was relatively straight-forward according to Victor Salazar, project manager/estimator. “We followed the plans and specifications and there really weren’t any issues. We do a lot of work with the Snap-Clad profile and like the easy way it installs with no seaming required,” Salazar said.


Architectural design was created by Spencer Group Architects, Round Rock.


The general contractor on the project was Navcon Group in Round Rock. Salazar noted that Sheet Metal Professionals installed a PAC-CLAD system on another recent Navcon Group project.


Middle school with log cabin roots topped with PAC-CLAD

Ernest Ward Middle School in Pensacola, Fla., traces its heritage back to a log cabin schoolhouse built in 1896. Continuing to grow and evolve over the decades, the school’s new 85,000 sq. ft. building provides a much needed upgrade for the community and its 450 students. Construction of the new two-story structure took place as students remained on campus. After completion of the new school, the existing building—built in 1945—was torn down and temporary modular buildings were removed.

Architectural design for the project was provided by Sam Marshall Architects in Pensacola. The building fans out in two main classroom wings that are linked by an impressive multi-story glassed library area highlighted by a dramatic, radiused roof.

Approximately 65,000 sq. ft. of Petersen’s PAC-CLAD Tite-Loc Plus .032 aluminum panels finished in Granite were utilized. About 10,000 sq. ft. of the Tite-Loc Plus panels were more than 90-ft. long and were roll formed on site by Specialty Contractors in Pensacola. The remaining panels were fabricated at Petersen’s plant in Acworth, Ga. An additional 10,000 sq. ft. of Petersen’s .040 aluminum Flush Panels also were included on the job.

Kenny Morgan, president of Specialty Contractors, said, “We do a lot of work with Petersen and are very familiar with all of their profiles. On this job, there were several gable areas and valleys that are always a little complex but generally it was pretty straightforward. Except for the long panels at the curved top that had to be cut on the round, most were straight run, one-length panels.”

The general contractor on the job was Greenhut Construction, and the Petersen distributor was Roofers Mart. Both are located in Pensacola.

Wall panels deliver modern look for aging office building

Obviously in need of a facelift, the industrial office and warehouse space at 5201 Thatcher Road in Downers Grove, Ill., was transformed into a modern looking facility with the replacement of its aging cedar shake mansard façade. Petersen’s Precision Series wall panels accomplished the task.

Approximately 4,800 sq. ft. of Petersen’s 24 gauge HWP wall panels were installed, in addition to 850 sq. ft. of HWPC wall panels. The HWPC panels are clip-fastened to accommodate expansion and contraction. Both types of panels were finished in PAC-CLAD Cool Color Silver.

Installation of the HWP and HWPC panels was completed by J.J. Superior Sheet Metal in Hillside, Ill. The experienced contractor removed the mansard, installed an ice and water shield and constructed metal studs to which the new panels were affixed. Installation was a “piece of cake” according to J.J. Superior’s project manager Jerry Shay. “We planned it out well and it was an extremely smooth installation. The project turned out great and the building got a much-needed facelift.”

The 28,000 sq. ft. multi-tenant facility offers office and industrial warehouse space with six exterior docks and six drive-in entry doors. In addition to the new façade, the facility also received an interior upgrade.

Architectural design for the project was provided by MRSA Architects in Chicago.

The Precision Series wall panels combine bold visual effects with easy, cost-effective installation. The Precision Series panels can be installed vertically in some applications and produced to a maximum length of 35 ft.


Natural ventilation, daylight flood Wisconsin lake house with metal roof

Located less than 300 feet from Lake Michigan in Door County, Wisconsin, the 2,600 sq. ft. vacation home in Sturgeon Bay provides a “double green” retreat for its owners. The residence is located on a leafy, heavily wooded site, and the architectural design is extremely environmentally friendly. The residence offers an unobstructed view of Lake Michigan to the east while a south-facing courtyard fronts to the woods.

Borrowing from traditional barn design vernacular common to the rural area, the house is an “exploded” version of classic barn forms, optimized for ventilation in the summer. The dramatically curving roofs provide a Venturi-effect shape to assist the house in natural cross ventilation, flushing interior air out on the high, remotely controlled light monitors. The south-facing windows, located in the ventilation tower, warm the air thereby creating a solar chimney to increase the effect of the natural ventilation while providing additional daylighting into the interior space.

Approximately 3,200 sq. ft. of PAC-CLAD 28 gauge Silver Galvalume panels were utilized in two main roof forms: two large individual radiused sections and one sloped section that is prewired for solar panels.

Design for the project was created by Kipnis Architecture + Planning, Evanston, Ill. The firm concentrates on residential work and specializes in environmentally friendly and sustainable design. According to Nate Kipnis, principal, “We’ve used metal on three [residential] projects and every time we do it, the projects get a lot of positive attention for their design and sustainability.” The firm is currently working on a $2.5 million residence that will have a metal roof on a 5-lot parcel in Chicago.

The owners of the Sturgeon Bay house bought the lakeside property with the intention of building a log home. “I looked at the site and just couldn’t envision a log cabin,” Kipnis said. “We knew sustainability was important to the owners so we looked at several different concepts and settled on the ‘barn feel’ which everyone loved. And it’s loaded with green features.”

With the natural ventilation, Kipnis recommended no air conditioning but the owner insisted on a room air conditioner in the master bedroom. “They haven’t had to use it,” Kipnis said. “It’s heaven in there.”

Installation of the Petersen panels was completed by Advanced Architectural Sheet Metal, Big Bend, Wis. “The contractor did a great job,” Kipnis said.

Sprawling energy-efficient Delaware DMV facility earns LEED Silver

“We had the flexibility to select any quality metal panel manufacturer. Our firm uses lots of metal on various projects and most clients are fairly budget-conscious. Petersen is a manufacturer we regularly look at and was the competitive bidder,” Holloway said. The facility boasts five different PAC-CLAD roof and wall products.

Holloway credited the PAC-CLAD Arcadia Green color with contributing to the building’s LEED certification. Approximately 34,000 sq. ft. of Petersen’s 24 gauge Snap-Clad panels finished in Cool Color Arcadia Green was installed on the roof of the administration building. “The color very easily met the reflectivity requirements, and that added to the ability of the building to be sustainable and meet the LEED Silver standards,” Holloway said.

The facility includes a 22,000 sq. ft. administrative building and an attached 21,000 sq. ft. vehicle inspection area with seven individual inspection lanes and four drive-through teller windows.

Four other Petersen profiles also contributed to design of the structure. Approximately 6,000 sq. ft. of PAC-CLAD 7.2 Panels in Arcadia Green and Sandstone were utilized on the walls of the facility’s inspection wing. The 7.2 Panels replaced a competitive panel that was initially installed but replaced to provide a better architectural look.

A limited amount of PAC Precision Series wall panels, 7/8-in. Corrugated panels and Flush Panels also were strategically utilized on the inspection station area of the complex. All were finished in Bone White.

Installation of all Petersen profiles was done by Apostle Construction in Salisbury, Md. The Snap-Clad panels used on the administration building were extra-long, reaching 70 ft. “We used a special crane and bar to put them on the roof,” said Robert Brooks, project manager. “The other challenge was dealing with the various intersecting pitch changes. We custom-fabricated a lot of trim on-site.”

Apostle Construction has extensive experience with PAC-CLAD products. “I think we’ve pretty much used all of the profiles Petersen offers. We had excellent coordination on this project with the architect and with Petersen. That’s really the key to getting the job done right and on time,” Brooks said.

The finished job has earned rave reviews, including one from Jennifer Cohan, director of the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles. “It’s a state-of-the-art facility. Not only was it designed to be certified LEED Silver, but it’s going to save us operating dollars in the future. The most important thing is providing quick and efficient service. Our employees in New Castle love their new home, and we’re hoping the citizens of Delaware like it as well,” she said

The design/build team was led by Wholsen Construction in New Castle, Del.

Multiple metal-clad structures populate huge Florida city park

With its prestigious name, the village of Royal Palm Beach, Fla., has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a largely uninhabited swamp and former Seminole hunting ground in Palm Beach County. Incorporated in 1959 following a massive drainage project, the developer insisted on including “Palm Beach” in the name and added his fondness for the stately royal palms of the area.

The now-thriving village has taken the same audacious approach with the opening of Royal Palm Beach Commons, a 167-acre park that has been nearly eight years in the making. Royal Palm Beach always conceived of the Commons as the village’s version of Central Park—a massive green gathering space offering something for everyone. Royal Palm Beach Commons incorporates active and passive spaces including a 17,000 sq. ft. sporting center, 20 pavilions of varying sizes, 22 lakes and 3.1 miles of paved pathways.

Approximately 27,500 sq. ft. of Petersen’s Snap-Clad panels provide the royal treatment for the roof of the sports complex as well as all pavilions, gatehouses and other structures throughout the park. The 22 gauge steel panels were finished in PAC-CLAD Cool Color Cityscape and fabricated at Petersen’s Acworth, Ga., plant.

Installation of the Snap-Clad panels was completed by L&W Roof Systems in Stuart, Fla. The amount of PAC-CLAD material utilized on the various structures ranged from as little as 150 sq. ft. to 2,000 sq. ft. The pavilion roofs were installed over tongue-in-groove decking and the roof of the main sports building was installed over an insulated steel deck, said Robert Bobo, project manager for L&W. “Most of the job was pretty straight-forward,” Bobo said, “but we did have to create a makeshift ramp to the second floor of the main building to get the 42’ panels up to where we needed them.”

L&W Roof Systems is a regular installer of PAC-CLAD profiles. “We use Petersen a lot. Everybody loves this job—especially the color. Cityscape was really a big hit,” Bobo said.

Architectural design for the project was created by IBI Group, Pompano Beach, Fla.
The Petersen distributor was ABC Supply Co., Lake Worth, Fla.

Donated Petersen products add to renowned architect’s new theater design

The design of the new Writers Theatre in Glencoe, Ill., has caught the attention of media across the country. Story after story has been produced about the building’s beautiful architectural design, which was created by renowned Chicago architect Jeanne Gang, FAIA. The new 36,000 sq. ft., $28 million building, which includes metal PAC-CLAD products donated by Petersen, features a 250-seat main theatre that was purposefully designed to maintain Writers Theatre’s hallmark intimacy.

“Writers Theatre’s approach to the word and the artist mirrors Studio Gang Architects’ focus on materials and the environment within architecture, and the results of our partnership have been very exciting,” Gang said. “The new theatre center features renewable materials and exciting social spaces that will add to the community’s vibrancy.”

Jon Faris, general manager of Writers Theatre who also served as project manager, concurred. “We wanted to maintain the strong sense of intimacy that our previous theatre spaces had as this is at the core of who we are and how our artists interact with patrons,” Faris said. He also commented on the importance of LEED certification. “We’re about to submit to the USGBC [in June 2016] and are anticipating receiving LEED Gold certification,” Faris notes.

The building includes more than 6,200 sq. ft. of PAC-CLAD steel and aluminum sheets donated by Petersen, which is based in Elk Grove Village, Ill., about 14 miles southwest of the theatre’s Glencoe location. The 24 gauge steel sheets were finished in Stone White and the .040 aluminum sheets were finished in Midnight Bronze. In addition, approximately 230 linear feet of PAC-Tite .040 Angular Fascia was provided plus 180 sq. ft. of PAC-750 Soffit panels.

The PAC-CLAD metal interacts with a somewhat unusual material mix of concrete and wood. The most striking element of the structure is the signature upper-level gallery that commands views across town through an extraordinarily open screen of tension-strung, full-height batons of stained Port Oxford cedar set at varying angles to the vertical. The Port Oxford cedar was chosen because of its performance and resistance to rot. “I really wanted this screen to be working structurally,” Gang said.

“The metal soffit acts like a trim piece that complements the wood and glass,” Faris noted of the PAC-CLAD material.

Installation of the PAC-CLAD panels and fabricated sheet material was performed by Combined Roofing Services in West Chicago, Ill. The bulk of the Petersen-donated material was used for roof-related sheet metal detailing, said Brad Lawson, project manager. “We fabricated copings, counter flashings, overflow scuppers and edge transitions. We worked on the project for nearly 10 months and there were lots of tricky details. This building is an architectural masterpiece and there were many non-standard details that we created in our shop,” Lawson said.

Photography: Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing

Cabela’s iconic green metal roof rises in Indiana

The new Cabela’s store in Noblesville, Ind., sports the iconic green metal roof that has become the signature look of the high-end sporting goods chain. The 82,000 sq. ft. store is the second Cabela’s in Indiana, and as with several other Cabela’s stores throughout the country, PAC-CLAD products play a key role in the design of the building’s exterior.

Approximately 23,000 sq. ft. of Petersen’s 22 gauge Snap-Clad roof panels, in lengths ranging from 33 to 38-ft., combine with the rough-hewn log exterior to provide the iconic look that outdoor enthusiasts have come to know. “There was a bit of complex detailing at the entrance where the panels meet the log siding, but generally the job was pretty straightforward,” said Russ Love, project manager, Henry C. Smither Roofing in Indianapolis, which installed the roof.

Major factors in the specification of PAC-CLAD products were Petersen’s history of providing products for Cabela’s, and better pricing on the custom Cabela’s Green color, Love noted. “Petersen was simply better and more competitive, and that was the driving force in selecting PAC-CLAD. Petersen is a regular provider of metal panels to us. The company is really solid and well respected in the industry—it’s a quality organization,” he said.

The building is designed to offer customers an immersive outdoor experience that features dozens of wildlife displays, museum-quality taxidermy mounts and sports memorabilia. Architectural design was provided by Holland Basham Architects in Omaha, Neb. The general contractor was Pepper Construction of Indiana based in Indianapolis.

Chicago architects win big awards for small projects

Close to 1,000 architects, contractors and manufacturers filled the spacious Architectural Artifacts gallery in Chicago in May 2016 for the AIA Chicago’s annual Small Project Awards night. Award-winning architects were recognized, and entries to the Tiny Homes Competition were on display at the event, which was sponsored by Petersen.

Projects entered in the small projects competition were hung on display boards throughout the space, where Chicago design and construction professionals browsed and admired them as they networked and shared ideas. Awards were given in several categories, including a new People’s Choice award, which was decided in real time during the event. The People’s Choice winner was the Ghana Library, which can be seen here.

“Architects continue to find creative and interesting ways to include our metal products in their projects, and these talented design professionals deserve the recognition they receive at this fantastic event,” says Petersen CEO Mike Petersen, based in Elk Grove Village, Ill. “We are always ready to support innovative architecture and design by celebrating it at events like this, especially when the event, and the architects, are in our Chicago backyard.”

Projects entered in this year’s small projects competition, including the winners, can be viewed here. Winners and entrants to the Tiny Homes Competition can be viewed here.

Flush soffit panels now offered with full-width ventilation


Flush soffit full ventPetersen’s Flush Soffit panel is now offered with a full-vent option, designed to increase under-eave airflow and expand aesthetic appeal. The full-vent soffit is available in PAC-CLAD .032 and .040 aluminum and is tension-leveled to ensure flatness.

PAC-CLAD Flush Soffit panels are designed for soffit, wall and fascia applications where a flush or flat appearance is desired. A rounded interlock leg and concealed fastening system improves the clean, flush appearance while providing additional strength. Panels are factory-formed to length to minimize field cutting. Maximum panel length is 25 feet and minimum panel length is 4 feet. Availability and options may vary at each Petersen facility.

The soffit panels are available in on-center dimensions that complement Petersen’s roofing panel product line. Flush panels are available in both flush and reveal configurations. Applications include vertical wall, fascia and soffit; panels are not intended for use in roofing or mansard applications.

Optional stiffening beads are available on non-vented panels; one or two beads are available. Petersen Flush Soffit panels are formed on precision roll-forming equipment that includes in-line Herr-Voss corrective levelers, which removes unwanted metal conditions including coil set, crowning and edge wave.

Long-recognized for its metal standing seam roofing products, Petersen also offers metal wall panels including exposed fastener panels, flush panels, composite wall panels, fascia and coping systems, and column covers. All provide the well-known Petersen quality and are available in PAC-CLAD full 70% PVDF finish in 38 standard colors on steel and 37 on aluminum. Most colors meet LEED, Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating Council certification requirements.


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