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Cutting Edge Systems

At Petersen Aluminum Corporation, we are pleased to introduce a significant expansion of our line of copings, gravel stops and perimeter edge systems. Whether you may be a believer in the phenomenon of global warming or not, over the last several years we have all been witness to a number of significant weather events. Hurricane Irene, the tornadoes that hit Alabama and the massive tornado that destroyed much of Joplin, Missouri are some of the most recent events and they all serve to underline the broad geography affected. These events also underline the importance of high wind resistance performance on critical roofing components.


Building code authorities have reacted to this series of events by significantly increasing code requirements in an effort to improve wind load and wind uplift performance. Perimeter edge systems are the first line of defense for many roof systems and our new fascia, gravel stop and coping products have been designed with performance in mind. Our new PAC-TITE Fascia system, for example, has been ANSI/SPRI ES-1 tested and is backed by a lifetime 170 mph warranty. Our unique Continuous Cleat Coping system has been ANSI/SPRI ES-1 tested and is available with Factory Mutual Ratings up to FM-180.


In addition, these products are fabricated from our full line of PAC-CLAD colors and therefore assure full color uniformity between our metal edge products, our metal roofing and wall panel systems. A complete line of factory-fabricated accessories such as miters, scuppers and drainage components are also available.


Check out our complete line of coping, fascia and gravel stop products on this website and you will see that we offer unparalleled design flexibility and product capability.