2016 - Soffit Panels - PAC-750 - Solid

PAC-750 Soffit

2016 - Soffit Panels - PAC-750 - Solid

PAC-750 Soffit

Petersen offers superior design versatility for soffit applications by providing the PAC-750/850 Soffit panels, as well as the Flush panel in a variety of gauges and widths. Both pre-formed profiles are effective solutions in soffit projects, and with the aluminum substrate can be ventilated for increased airflow capacity.

PAC-750 Soffit Panels

Petersen offers a pre-formed soffit panel suitable for both commercial and residential use. These panels are roll-formed from .032 aluminum. Panels are 12” wide with a “vee” groove every 6” center-to-center and furnished in continuous lengths of up to 25’. Minimum panel length is 20”.

Soffit Venting

The PAC-750 and PAC-850 Soffit panels can be perforated to allow for air flow and under-eave ventilation. Both PAC-750 and PAC-850 are available fully vented, half vented or solid. See illustrations on page 33 for examples.

Soffit “J” Channel

Petersen can provide soffit “J” Channel as trim to match any of our soffit panels. “J” Channel is available in lengths up to 12’ in matching colors.

  • 43 stocked colors (.032 aluminum)
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