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2016 - Tite-Loc


2016 - Tite-Loc


Tite-Loc panels combine structural panel performance with architectural panel aesthetics. Tite-Loc panels are leveled to provide superior panel flatness. A factory-applied sealant bead can be applied for additional weather resistance. Maximum panel length is 64’ and minimum panel length is 4’. Consult factory for longer lengths.

Tite-Loc panels feature a 2” leg height that requires mechanical field seaming after installation. Panels have a concealed-fastener floating clip system designed to allow for thermal expansion/contraction.

All flashing and trim shall be fabricated by manufacturer or qualified fabricator. Flashing shall be PAC-CLAD aluminum (.032 – .063 gauge as specified) or PAC-CLAD steel (24 gauge or 22 gauge as specified). A 30-year non-prorated finish warranty can be supplied covering finish performance. Vinyl masking is recommended on all fabrication applications where extra handling is expected.  NOTE: The strippable film must be removed immediately after installation.

Tite-Loc panels are intended for use in architectural and structural roofing. Substrates may include 5/8” (min.) plywood,  nailboard insulation or equal with an underlayment of ice and water shield applied horizontally from eave to ridge. Other substrates may include metal decking, purlins or rigid insulation in conjunction with bearing plates. A minimum 1/2:12 pitch is required. Contact Petersen for further assistance with projects details.

For coastal applications, aluminum panels along with stainless steel clips must be used for finish warranty. Consult a local architect/engineer for compliance with local codes and conditions.

Tite-Loc/Tite-Loc PLUS Panels
Tite-Loc and Tite-Loc Plus panels are factory-formed to length and field-seamed to a 90° lock (Tite-Loc) or a 180° lock (Tite-Loc Plus). The panels have been designed for application over a wide variety of substrates on roof slopes as low as 1/2:12 pitch. Available in 12”, 16” and 18” widths, Tite-Loc and Tite-Loc Plus panels can be produced in 22 and 24 gauge steel or .032 and .040 aluminum.

Tite-Loc panels require the use of mechanical seamers. When seaming panels on slopes greater than 6:12, caution must be exercised to prevent seamer slippage and resulting finish scratches that may void the warranty. Seamers are available along with hand crimpers and other tools through D.I. Roof Seamers, which is the only supplier of this equipment approved by Petersen Aluminum. For details and rental information Click Here.

Curved Applications
The Tite-Loc panels can be curved to a minimum radius of 20’. Tite-Loc curving can be done in the field or at the factory depending on the radius and length of the panel.

For more details about Petersen’s curving capabilities, please contact your local Petersen factory.

  • 43 stocked colors (24 gauge steel)
  • 16 stocked colors (22 gauge steel)
  • 36 stocked colors (.032 aluminum)
  • 22 stocked colors (.040 aluminum)
  • Galvalume Plus available

Tite-Loc Installation


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