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Precision Series - HWP

Precision Series Wall Panels

Precision Series - HWP

Precision Series Wall Panels

Precision Series architectural wall panels provide design flexibility by combining bold visual effects with easy, cost-effective installation. Multiple profiles are available with a variety of rib patterns. Options for each profile include a no-clip panel, or a clip-fastened panel to accommodate expansion and contraction.

The original Precision Series HWP profile features a 7/8” depth, while the Precision Series Highline profiles are 1-3/8” deep, and can be intermixed to add visual intensity to a building’s exterior. Precision Series wall panels can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Consult Petersen rep for maximum length; minimum panel length is 4’. Additionally, these wall panels can be specified as perforated in aluminum only for use in equipment screen applications or over graphics.

  • 43 stocked colors (24 gauge steel)
  • 36 stocked colors (.032 aluminum)
  • 16 stocked colors (22 gauge steel)
  • 22 stocked colors (.040 aluminum)
  • 29 stocked colors (.050 aluminum) (Clip version only)
  • Galvalume Plus available
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