2016 - Redi-Roof - Standing - Flat

Redi-Roof Standing Seam

2016 - Redi-Roof - Standing - Flat

Redi-Roof Standing Seam

Redi-Roof standing seam is intended for application over a solid substrate with a minimum 3:12 roof pitch. Typical substrates include plywood, nailboard insulation or equal. Panels are factory roll-formed in continuous lengths. Maximum panel length is 45’ and minimum panel length is 4’.

Redi-Roof panels feature an offset profile which adds strength and allows room for a hex head fastener. The clip, with its button-punched design, ensures an extra-snug fit.  The one-piece design allows for ease of installation.

All flashing and trim shall be fabricated by manufacturer or qualified fabricator. Flashing shall be PAC-CLAD aluminum (.032 – .063 gauge as specified) or PAC-CLAD steel (24 gauge or 22 gauge as specified). A 30-year non-prorated finish warranty can be supplied covering finish performance. Vinyl masking is recommended on all fabrication applications where extra handling is expected. NOTE: The strippable film must be removed immediately after installation.

Redi-Roof panels shall be installed over solid decking with an underlayment applied horizontally from eave to ridge. Panels shall be fastened using Petersen nonpenetrating clips, fastening on 18” centers (max.). Minimum slope at 3:12 pitch. Consult a local architect/engineer for requirements of local codes and conditions.

  • 43 stocked colors (24 gauge steel)
  • 36 stocked colors (.032 aluminum)
  • 16 stocked colors (22 gauge steel)
  • Galvalume Plus available

Metal Roofing - How to install Redi-Roof Standing Seam


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